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Gaam Electric Automation

Gaam mana tech

Gam Mana Sanaat (Gamaa) Private Held Company is a member of the large group of Gam Electric family, which professionally is active in the production of various types of welding and cutting automation machines

Moreover, this company is the exclusive agency of Gaam Electric Company in the field of production and sale of automation equipment and advanced machines

In this regard, for the first time in Iran, we arranged the most complete exhibition of welding and cutting automation equipment in Tehran market to be closer to consumers and interested ones and provided the opportunity to visit the equipment

In this exhibition, all kinds of machines of companies like GULLCO in Canada, CEA and CEBORA in Italy, GYS in France, GERIMA in Germany, KJELLBERG in Germany, SOYER in Germany, Anti-spark Nano Ceramics TSS THIELMAN in Germany, and also the products of Gam Mana Sanaat are available and can be visited

In addition to the above, with the help of prominent instructors of Tehran University of technology and international welding engineers, Gaam Mana Sanat Company is ready to provide services in all fields related to welding, the selection of welding process, welding metallurgy, design and calculation of bonded joints, welding inspection and consulting the interested ones or consumers

Exclusive Agency


Gaam Electric

Having more than twenty years of successful experience in the welding and cutting industry, being familiarized with various welding processes and since selling advanced machines requires relevant professional, academic and scientific knowledge, the consumers being provided with proper consultation plays an important role. The sales team of this company consists of international welding engineers who are prepared to provide honorable customers with professional consulting services for free

Company Management

Ali Mousavi


Support Team

The sales team of this company consists of international welding engineers who are ready to provide our honorable customers with the professional consultation round the clock of the week for free

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