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This company in addition to its provision of after-sales service for its products, is ready to cooperate with honorable customers or service applicants


Performance of contract

The operation team of this company is ready to implement welding projects by using the most experienced operation teams


Engineering consultation

This company which has valuable experience of work, is ready to provide welding engineering services with the cooperation of the most prominent operation experts


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Welding and cutting automation

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Gaam Electric

Gaining more than twenty years of successful experience in the welding and cutting industry and being familiarized with various welding processes and since the sale of advanced machines requires relevant professional, academic and scientific knowledge, providing correct consulting for the consumer plays an important role. The sales team of this  company consists of international welding engineers who are prepared to provide dear customers with professional consulting services for free

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Gaam Automation


Structures and Skeletions

Slitting machine
Box assembly machine 
Beam assembly machine
Gantry gate welding machine
Three-phase welding machine
Electro slag machine
H Beam straightening machine
box positioner positioner


Certain Machinery

Gullco machine
Mechanical freezer system
Automatic length welding machine


Railway Industries

Wheelset welding machine
Train wheel push device
Wheelset press machine


Oil & Gas

Tank roll welding positioner
Column & boom welding machine
Flange facing machine
Fit up
Deep hole drilling machine
Honing machine

Consumer products


Duich products

Welding Electrodes
Electro slag Powder
Electro slag welding consumable
Nano coating ceramic sprays

 Iranian welding machines

Adhering to the principles of customer orientation, providing the best technical purchase advice as well as support and calibration of welding machines in the shortest possible time by this collection, became the reason for the agreement of Gaam company’s honorable managers, selling that great company’s welding machines branded Gaam Electric and Joosha simultaneous with sales in the website of the manufacturer of these machines and by providing all the services mentioned, to hand it over  to Takin Andish Gaam Company. It is recommended for viewing Products of Gaam Electric Company and getting the best prices, contact our experts by clicking on the link below the following text

Foreign welding machines

In the current situation of the country and the imposition of hard sanctions, accessing to the brands of foreign and international machines, demands a process that is becoming more difficult and perhaps impossible day by day. At this time, we are glad to announce that Gaam Mana Sanaat Company has taken over the exclusive sale of imported devices and machines of Gam Electric. By using the download links embedded below this text, you can see the list of our available machines one by one

Some of the projects